What customers are saying about
Himalayan Cuisine

One of my favorite places to dine. I love coming here with my father. We love how inexpensive the food is and how much of it we get. The food tastes, looks and smells delicious.

Blanca M.

Concord, CA

Himalayan Cuisine is one of the best Indian cuisine restaurants I've visited in the Bay Area so far. It is a small place with around 7-8 tables but its clean and the service is good. The food did take a little longer than expected to arrive but it seemed fresh which made it worth the wait

Ishani S.

Concord, CA

I had a really great dinner and the price was right. The Chicken Briyani was fantastic and enough to require a take home bag. Also had the naan basket and really enjoyed the garlic ones, as they use really fresh ingredients.

Andy B.

Vallejo, CA

Amazing restaurant!!! Excellent food!! And the owner, Surya, is delightful!!!! He sat with me and talked with me during my meal. Even gave me a free Taj Mahal beer! One of the best experiences eating out I've ever had!

Adam M.

Brownsville, TX

Excellent. Our waiter explained a lot to us about the differences and recommended that we get the goat. The restaurant isn't very big, but reasonably well maintained and well lit. Best way to describe this restaurant is "cozy".

Bob K.

Concord, CA

Having eaten Indian and Pakistani cuisine in San Francisco for 20 plus years I've lived there, I had grown accustomed to some of the greats. I never thought I'd experience as good a cuisine in the Tri Valley area.

Stuart S.

Walnut Creek, CA

The past month I have ordered delivery 3 times, and the food has been amazingly delicious. I could eat it every night. I have got butter chicken which is perfectly done every time and chicken biryani is delicious too. I try to order different dish every time and every single dish so far has been really delicious.

Weeda M.

San Jose, CA

Cool, Calm, and Collected is the vibe I got when i walked in all 3 times. Such a laid back, and mellow place to go on a date, or just a place to enjoy some delicious food with some piece and quiet. 2 Back corner walls with some nice dimmed lights to really enjoy the mood of your Indian cuisine dish..

Andre L.

Fairfild, CA

Cute little joint serving up tasty Nepalese and Indian! It's located next to Sharetea/Starbucks in that little area with a little parking lot. I love the quaintness and aesthetics inside to make it feel perfect for a date night!

Jia Qi F.

East Bay, CA